Break the Silence

The most important part of the Day of Silence campaign is how we use this day to spread awareness and then break the silence about homophobia, biphobia and transphobia in our schools, workplaces and communities all year round!

Here are some of our ideas on how you could break the silence! You can also check out our guide for schools with a number of ideas on how to break the silence on the day itself!


  • Raise awareness about the issues facing LGBTQIA+ youth – host a group or panel discussion, do an assembly, hold a film screening or come up with your own idea!
Who supports the LGBTI+ Community?


  • Book InsideOUT to come and run a professional development training on LGBTQIA+ inclusion for your staff or be a guest speaker!


  • Educate yourself, friends, peers, family, whānau, colleagues to UNLEARN homophobia, biphobia and transphobia


  • Start a rainbow diversity group/queer straight alliance or rainbow staff group – you can check out our resources here!

  • Fundraise to ensure InsideOUT and the Day of Silence can continue to break the silence and making schools and communities safer for young people of sexual and gender minorities!


  • Set some goals to achieve to help your school/workplace/group break the silence – such as petitioning your school for gender neutral uniforms, updating your health curriculum to be inclusive or changing your office toilets to gender neutral!
Safe facilities for everyone!

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