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We can no longer provide stickers for Day of Silence but we are happy to provide the file for you to get your own printed.  You will be able to order stickers for Schools Pride Week at later this year.

All Day of Silence Resources
Selfie for Silence Print Out Sign
Pledge Form
Mobile Lock Screen
Day of Silence Challenge 2018 Poster PDF Set
Day of Silence Challenge Poster PDF Set – no date
Day of Silence Unlearn Black Posters – no date
Day of Silence Organising PDF Resources
Day of Silence School Assembly Powerpoint – Undated and Editable!

Set of three "Challenge biphobia/homophobia/transphobia" posters with pride-flag gradients"
Print files for Gradient poster Set
Set of three "Challenge/biphobia/homophobia/transphobia" posters in black, white and red
Print files for Classic poster set