Fundraising is a powerful way to help break the silence! In order to make the Day of Silence a self-sustainable campaign and ensure InsideOUT can keep working to make schools and communities free of homophobia, biphobia and transphobia, we ask our supporters to come on board and help us fundraise!

You can donate proceeds from any fundraiser directly into our bank account: 06-0582-0362844-00 or via our Givealittle or by contacting us to mail a cheque/get an invoice for your school.

Fundraising can be all sorts of things, so feel free to get creative! Here are some of our ideas to get you started:

Sponsor My Silence
Why not get people to sponsor you to go silent? With our simple form you can get your family, friends, teachers and community members to sign up and pledge to donate towards making schools safer for LGBTQIA+ young people.

Download and print our pledge sheet here OR duplicate this google form, edit to add your own details and share with people online! To do this click on the … in the top right hand corner and then ‘Make a copy’.


Easy Ideas for Workplaces
-Get a few peo
ple together to bring some baking in and sell it to raise funds!
-Put a collection bucket in your staff kitchen for the week, or take it around the office on Day of Silence
-Ask your workplace to match any donations you receive from individual staff members!
-Host a lunchtime koha screening of some videos from our unlearn page.



Mufti Day
Ask your school or workplace if you can hold a gold 
coin mufti day with all proceeds going to support InsideOUT and the Day of Silence!






Night of Noise
Host an event to break the silence and charge an entry fee or ask for koha – this could be a film screening, dance party, an open-mic night, a gig, a panel discussion or something else!

If you’re in Wellington, come to our event! 

Need some support with your fundraising? Get in touch with us, we’re happy to help! Access resources such as our posters to help with your fundraiser!

Click here to get your selfie signage